Friday, January 16, 2009

Medical Transcription Guidelines -17


1. In medical transcription, parentheses are used to set off closely related words, to clarify, or to distinguish data.

This hyperactive young lad has been on Cylert (pemoline) for several months.

2. Parentheses are often used to separate normal laboratory values from the patient's values.

Uptake by the thyroid gland at 6 hours was 5.5% (normal 4-12%); 24-hour uptake was 14.0% (normal 7-24%).

3. Parentheses should be used to set off less forceful mate-rial as compared to a dash but more forceful as compared to a comma or comma pair.

She feels (and I strongly agree) that a 1000-calorie ADA diet is not sufficient.

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